Paris Fashion Week for a day

Yes! This is my first street-style shoot. And also my very first time going to Paris Fashion Week after my two years study in Paris.
that day was quite fun. without the gloomy weather, i bet it will be more fun.
fun fact : everyone is really friendly and smiley to each other - so not parisienne style.
i know you might seen these people with the exact same clothes in other pages.
but anyway enjoy mine :)

his shoes is LOVE.
i heard this girl wear her own design.
the famous chinese actress - i don't know who.
was shock to met her - a friend of mine
and this girl is my favorite of all. Her star earring and dottie satchel are from h&m.

goodnight! goodmorning!

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  1. kece bgt deh foto2nyaaaaaaaaaaaa <3