WOOF! Ehehe I'm back here in my lonely blog.. Couldn't believe that i actually post something new in only 2 weeks time. Writing this post in between my sleepless nights doing my final homework *3 weeks to go hu! ha!*. My outfit taken freshly today by Anastasia Siantar *standingovation* and I furnished it right away. I Finally stocked so many beautifool pictures of my faces in Paris since I don't really take pictures of my face with my own camera *exept phone hoho 

When i took this photo above, there was a beggar who keep staring and smirking or idk maybe just smiling towards me then suddenly he gave me some kind of sign to borrow his dog so click click click this dog keep turning around jumping here and there looking up for his owner and in the end he run  towards his owner haha.. But he's a good actor anyway! 

Hat - H&M
Sunnies - Linda Farrow
Trench coat - KENZO
Top - I.T
Pants - Zara
Shoes - Dr. Marten

seeeee you in a wink!


Hello thereeeeeeee......!! Spring is herrreeee! I know i'm late since it's summer soon and i skip few months of updating this lonely blog hahaha blame my school work. But here i want to share this pretty spring flower that I treasure. Located exactly in front of my building door. She's alone too. I took this awhile ago since she's bald now hehe, the pinky flower are all came off already. I know she is too pretty!

Hehehe i know this is just a petite catch up but i will finish my study in a month time! (that's why my schoolwork is actively exploding like there's no tomorrow) I plan to go around explore Paris during my jobless days hahaha since i knew i actually didn't know anything about Paris even after my 3rd year.. And actually i rarely came out since i'm a cave woman with all of my school works. I promise to myself to explore and enjoy Paris more and update hereeee hohoho

well see you in another wink!