How have you been? Me? I know I've Been lost for more than a week. And finally got chance to took some outfit shoot. Was going a place near Trocadero so yap, a shoot of my gummy bear and me with that oh so famous Eiffel tower background. Hope you enjoyyyyy~

Cap - Kenzo
Parka - Dior Homme
Sweater - Givenchy
Shoes - Burberry Prorsum

Beanie - style nanda
bomber jacket, sweater - zara
shirt, bracelet - korea


Got tons of homework to bang. Hectic week before and ahead. Wish for more than 24hours a day. But they said be careful of what you wished for. And wondering how to keep alive without sleeping. Last but no least, i hope you enjoy not just my photography but my daily outfit.
The boutique owner told me there's a story behind this t-shirt. It's actually a souvenir t-shirt from a mountain and the designer made such a creative design with the golden tears. Bring the message to stop hunting tigers from persecution. So far this is one of my favorite t-shirt. And yes G-Dragon wore the same t-shirt for his CRAYON stage back on September *yay*

Hat - topshop
T-shirt - Andrea Crews
Bracelet - Random
Parka, jeans - Zara
Bag - Givenchy
Shoes - Dc.Martens

And of course not to forget, my latest shoot for Brown Platform.


No, i don't hate everything. The title of this post is one of Wednesday Addam's quote. And yes i'm being one of the Addams family for this Halloween. And actually i don't usually dress up for Halloween, the first and last time was when i'm in elementary school during my english course, i was a witch. And hiiiiiuuuuge thanks to Brown Platform for anything that happened for this post. For the idea of being one of the Wednesday Addams character, lending her 'hair', for braiding my hair too, and of course for helping me to take these pictures.



Warming up for the upcoming winter. Get ready for the unexpected excessive appetite. Waking up in the morning feels like waking up in middle of midnight. Taking a shower inside a bathroom sized-fridge. Starting to look like a bear by wearing mostly the same coat through the next 4 months.

But please don't be sad!

always feel blissful and be happy!


My favorite pretty boy and favorite restaurant with my favorite people. The beginning of Toussaint holiday is here. I know time do run like a beast but imma so going to enjoy waking up without alarm for the whole week~

Was having my lunch earlier today with Brown Platform. And yes! Her latest outfit-shoot too! We were freezing with the sudden drop temperature. But sure having a fun shoot as usual :)
Peek the place where we went today!

see you in a wink!


My random photograph during my first autumn in Paris.. Far far away from the comfort zone.. Being a total stranger in this new place without knowing someone before, met lots of new people, new school, got lost and found.. A major new experiences to me.. and yes i do love being lost in new place :) well i do let the picture continue the story.. 

Enjoy Paris through my eyes :)

which one is your favorite? my old studio owner's cat is my favorite! :)

bonsoir! bonjour!