My best 2 week in 2012!
A summer trip with mom to the place of shining happiness - SEOUL. Everyday i woke up with an enthusiastic-sparkling eyes haaa! I personally lllllove Korean food, korean culture, korean fashion, or ok i should just say i love everything about Korea. This two weeks i ate like a monster! Shop like there's no tomorrow. And travel like a machine. But it was too hot back then so i didn't manage to take my camera everywhere with me. Way too hot too until i cut off my long hair on the last day of the trip. But i was frequently updated my instagram back then since i rent samsung galaxy and i got curious to use it. I mix this post with photos that i took with my phone camera too.

gyeongbokgung palace
Gyeongbokgung was as hot as sauna so i wasn't capable to treasured the whole palace. This enormous palace is beyond beauteous. I wish to visit this palace again during spring or autumn. On my next trip perhaps?
the mother bear
iPhone camera quite promising right?
korean kids are just beyond adorable! They're my favorites *popping eyes*
best snap by mom of me since the other were more focused to trees and other people
this is another moma bear in sinsa-dong GANGNAM-gu!
Yes i know you heard a lot about Gangnam. I was staying in Gangnam - sinsadong for a week and totally love it. Sexy laydeeh, Gangnam oppa *a guy with proper dress*, and all the stylish people are here! I recommended Garosu-gil Sinsa-dong as a must place to go if you visit Korea. Completed with lots of nice shops (A-land, MAGnMAG, Joyrich, Forever 21, etc), coffee shops with a super comfy interior, and less tourist too! Trust me, i couldn't get enough of treasuring this street!
This is sinsa subway station. I know mom loved Gangnam so much since she focused on the train platform more than me.
little yellow sunshine.

please try this if you visit korea! this is called patbingsu - coco bruni
And how about your favorite summer trip? who doesn't love summer time anyway..
I'll post the rest pictures in my next post since i'm still working on it in between my school works.
i hope you guys enjoy this post!
Thankyou again for the hi and hello and comments and compliments! :)))))))))) 
and just questioning, do you prefer to view photos via blog or Facebook?
i think i should repost this on my Facebook, no?
and yes my Facebook and twitter

well have a good day everyone! :)


  1. Blog is definitely a better way to view pictures :D aaa love your pics :)

  2. Gabbbbb I want your yellow micro bag!!! It's so cuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeee


  3. awesome, La!!! :D
    Baca ini jd ikut excited. disna +exciiting pst! :P

  4. Both you and your mom are good at taking photos :) Loving your yellow bag anyway


  5. aaa great photos as always :D
    you're very talented :D